Flash Renamer

Flash Renamer

Automatically rename multiple files with this very advanced batch renaming tool
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Flash Renamer is a batch renaming utility with many features and a large number of automation options. Each automation tool included in it is fully customizable and can interact with other such tools, thus offering you many possibilities and great flexibility.

The program’s renaming functions are neatly organized into different categories. These functions allow you to replace certain characters in filenames based on certain rules, change letter cases, add counters, move strings of characters, add or remove spaces and so on. The application also includes scripts that can read information from files (such as Exif info from images or ID3 tags from MP3s) and use it to create renaming rules. There’s also the possibility to use presets or create your own for complex renaming after a multiple set of rules. In case you make a mistake or you change your mind, you can always undo the last renaming operation.

In conclusion, this is one of the most complete batch renaming utilities; and although it is quite complex, the well-organized interface reduces the time it takes to learn how to use its features. As a bonus for very advanced users, this piece of software also supports scripting so you can create advanced custom renaming rules.

Alexandru Andrei
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  • Very flexible.
  • Many features.
  • Can extract and use info from files to create dynamic renaming tools.
  • Well-organized interface.
  • Supports custom scripts.
  • Actions can be easily undone


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